Fieldtrip in Maldives for ICRs

Scholarship available for ICRs in Magoodhoo

Coral reefs of the Maldives are among the most diverse and spectacular reef ecosystems worldwide. This post-symposium field course will give an introduction into Maldivian coral reef ecosystems, the threats they are currently facing, and into activities of their conservation. The MaRHE center provides superb infrastructure for an excellent diving and reef experience, and its location on Magoodhoo Island allows interaction with the local community.

The field trip is organized with the aim to explore the biodiversity of the Maldivian coral reef ecosystems and to improve the knowledge about reef organisms.
The program will consist of selected lectures and 2 dives per day. A large number and variety of dives site will be explored in order to provide an overview of all the different reef typologies/morphologies in the atoll. The participants will have the possibility to sample organisms and collect data using the MaRHE Center facilities. During the field trip it will be also possible to visit desert islands as well as a resort island.

Period: 11.07.2018 – 18.07.2018
Target Group: All Coral Reef Scientists – must be SCUBA divers

Application and further informations: Coral Reefs of the Maldives