MaRHE Center Researcher is Awarded Prestigious Prize by the
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

We are honored to share that today Davide Maggioni, postdoc researcher at the Milano-Bicocca University, is being awarded the international “Mario Benazzi e Giuseppina Benazzi Lentati 2020” prize, conferred by the most prestigious Italian cultural institution Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.

The prize is connected to his studies on the biodiversity, ecology and evolution of tropical symbiotic hydrozoans, using innovative approaches such as molecular ecology and integrative taxonomy.
The field research Davide carried out at MaRHE Center and during other scientific expeditions enabled him to focus on a specific group of hydrozonas that live in a symbiotic relationship with tropical corals, protecting them against diseases and predators.

“It’s extremely important to study the biodiversity of ecostystems that are threatened by man and by climate change” the researcher said, adding that “There are so many species living in the coral reefs, many of which are still unknown, that play a vital role in the conservation of this environment and should therefore be protected.”