Labs, Classroom and Offices

High-Tech Laboratories

We believe that in order to make the best research activity, students and researchers must be provided with the best and high-tech equipment. MaRHE Center is proud to be acknowledged as one of the most up-to-dated center in the whole Indian Ocean area.

Fully equipped laboratories include modern technical appliances: bench space and cabinets, fume hood, sterile hood, refrigerator, freezer, immersion cooler -80°C, thermostatic bath, micro-oven forced air, benchtop centrifuge, vacuum pumps, a variety of stereo and compound microscopes. Deionized water is available and a separate chemical prep room provides space for weighing and mixing chemicals.

The molecular ecology lab is equipped with Eppendorf PCR machines and micro centrifuge, vortexer, heating plate, micropipette sets, -20º freezer, tissue and sample preparation appliances.

A separate imaging lab provides adequate space for microscopy, where a variety of compound and dissecting scopes are available for group use, Leica EZ4, several Zeiss Stemi DV4 and Olympus SZ61TR.

The structure is equipped with field sampling instruments: 20-50 m metric lines, diving slates, hammers and chisels, PVC quadrats (1X1), GPS devices, temperature/light data loggers (HOBO pendant Onset), sieve set.


At Marhe Center is also available a 30 seats classroom fully equipped with a board, a video projector with audio system and air condition. It can host both lectures for theoretical lessons and conferences.


A library with books on ecology and marine zoology is available at the Center.

Fishes of the Maldives 19;
Coral_Indo-Pacific Field Guide 20;
Corals of the World (Vol. 1, 2, 3) 1;
World Atlas of Marine Fauna 1;
World Atlas of Marine Fishes 1;
World Atlas of Seagrasses 1;
Nudibranchs of the World 1;
Mar Rosso 1;
Fisheries Science Vol.2 1;
Field Guide of Hard Corals 1;
Maldives Trees and Flowers 1;
La Comunicazione interculturale nell’Era Digitale 1;
Field Guide of Hard Corals – Yemen 1;
Sharks and Rays 1;
Sharks of the Maldives 1;
The Maldive Islanders 1;
Island World of the Maldives 16;
Acropora Staghorn Corals 1;
Mysticism in the Maldives 1