Our Research Activities


Research activities can be conducted either on islands inhabited by local people, or uninhabited islands where resorts have been developed. The wide range of research and education programs conducted at the Center reflects the diversity of MaRHE Center’s staff experience and competences. Current programs and ongoing research projects at the MaRHE Center include coral reef research, fisheries and aquaculture research, shark research, marine mammal research.


Our efforts have branched into
every major area of nearshore marine research


Biodiversity and Ecology

Through high level experiments, researchers are able to study how the distribution and abundance of living organisms are affected by their environment and detect the presence of threats to the existing biodiversity such as coral diseases and eutrophication pollution.


Climate Change and Ecosystem Health

Research in this field investigates and identifies the sources of environmental stress and how ecosystems respond to it,  the trends of ecosystem health and namely of coral reefs through time and what is the scope for recovery and resilience in a variety of marine ecosystems.


Sustainable Use of Marine Resources

The use of marine resources needs to be properly managed, to ensure that resources are not harvested beyond the natural replenishment capacity of the ecosystem. Sustainable use of a particular resource is at a rate that will not impair the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Human Geography

The human geography research conducted in the Maldives analyzes human activities, their specific social organizations and their consequences in coastal and island environments, and maritime life, including a variety of topics, and combining subjects as law, sociology, tourism studies, cultural and political geography, spatial analysis and cartography.

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