New Ph.D Positions

9 Ph.D. positions are available in Marine Sciences, Technology and Management!
The nine projects will move among different fields to face several environmental issues. Innovative approaches will be proposed to address the #SDG14 #lifebelowater.
For the application process and project description see the link in bio.

  1. “Search for novel sustainable materials from marine and plant sources for replacing synthetic substances in cosmetics” *
  2. Solid and semisolid formulations for supplements and cosmetics”*
  3. “Luxury and sustainability: Beliefs, Attitudes and psycho-affective determinants of individual behaviour”*
  4. “Innovative biomarine products for luxury packaging”*
  5. “Effects of coral diseases on the performance of large-scale coral restoration projects”**
  6. “A multi-layer framework to optimize coral restoration actions”**
  7. “A multidisciplinary approach to assess the impact of climate change and anthropogenic stressors on the biodiversity and health of coral reef associated organisms”**
  8. “Study of the biodiversity of Maldivian ecosystems through historical iconographic material analysis.”**
  9. “Ecological assessment of mangrove stands in Al-Zorah protected area United Arab Emirates”**


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The deadline for application is 17th October 2022, 12:00 hrs

*Scholarships by PNRR. Innovation Ecosystems (MUSA)
**Scholarships by PNRR. National Centre of Biodiversity