Tropical Marine Ecology


Tropical Marine Ecology Workshop

Field activities are held on the island and in the sea nearby Magoodhoo. The main purpose of the workshop is to provide a basic theoretical and practical training about some aspects concerning the formation and the ecology of one of the richest and most interesting tropical marine ecosystems in the world: the coral reefs.

The course is divided into a series of lessons and field activities coordinated by researchers with work experience in the tropical marine ecology field. Lessons are held at the Marine Research and High Education Centre. All field activities in the sea are carried out in snorkeling and in any case it is not expected throughout the course that students plunge with diving equipment.


Year Period Program Status
2021 9 Nov-17 Nov Download CLOSED
2022 12 Feb - 20 Feb Download CLOSED
2022 30 Oct - 7 Nov Download CLOSED
2022 9 Nov - 17 Nov Download CLOSED
2023 5 Feb -13 Feb Download CLOSED
2023 14 Feb - 22 Feb Download CLOSED
2023 30 Oct - 7 Nov Download CLOSED
2024 23 Feb - 2 March Download CLOSED